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Supporting Human Design & Gene Keys readers, coaches, and guides to integrate these systems into your life and business with integrity and nuance. 


Liberate the Mind: Differentiate your Inner Authority & Develop your unique Outer Authority
2024 Transit Guide: Learn about the 64 gates through following the transits
Channels Illuminated: Guide to the 36 Channels using the Spectrum of Consciousness
Gifts of Gaia: Gates & Gene Keys Resource Guide
Personalized Variable Report (custom PDF + audio)
2 Personalized Variable Reports (buy one get one half off- save $40)
Book a 1:1 HD + GK Session
The Hidden Gate Series: Masterclass bundle on your Rising Sign, Chiron, Lilith, and Midheaven
Embodiment by Design: Free community on Mighty Networks
Listen to the Uplifting Podcast
Get Advanced HD Charts on Genetic Matrix
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